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Legislation preparedness

We support our clients in preparing for mandatory due diligence legislation. We assess their current approach to due diligence against OECD due diligence and specific legislative requirements. We provide critical advice on where their strategy, policy and programmes need strengthening or adapting to remain fit for purpose and meet regulatory requirements.

Our proprietary OECD-aligned tools cover both individual companies and industry associations.

For companies

Companies required to meet mandatory due diligence legislation will need to ensure that their approach is fully aligned with OECD due diligence guidance as set out in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct, OECD sector-specific guidance and specific requirements contained within increasing legislation across the EU, US and UK.

Due Diligence Design supports companies preparing for this significant shift, conducting technical assessments of a company’s current due diligence using proprietary OECD-aligned tools, and advising companies on how to take the next steps to meet due diligence requirements.

For agreements, multi-stakeholder initiatives, certifications

Sectoral agreements, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and certifications will need to ensure their approaches are aligned with OECD due diligence guidance and existing legal due diligence requirements, in order to stay relevant.

We provide robust assessments for organisations on their policies, standards and implementation to support their alignment with OECD due diligence guidance and legislation.

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