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We facilitate companies, stakeholders and government to reach agreements on enhanced due diligence expectations and high-risk issues. We specialise in crisis contexts, responsible business conduct supply chain cases and new sectoral agreements.

Mediation can be between a single company and stakeholder or between multiple organisations at a sectoral level. We provide a systematic, fair and discreet process and technical inputs based on OECD due diligence guidance and emerging legislation.

Crisis mediation

Economic shocks, political instability, natural disasters and other crises create rapidly evolving and high-risk contexts for business and stakeholders.

Agreements between companies and affected stakeholders and their representatives help companies to respond to crises in a responsible and predictable manner and fulfil obligations under OECD due diligence guidance and the UNGPs. We provide urgent and rapid mediation to companies and affected stakeholders to support agreements on responsible business conduct in crisis contexts.

RBC case mediation

We provide independent mediation between business and rights-holders to address labour and human rights cases. We specialise in cases raised in complex company value chains and are commissioned by third-party grievance mechanisms or directly by the disputing parties.

Bilateral and sectoral agreements

We provide facilitation to businesses, trade unions and governments for sectoral agreements. Agreements may be between a single company and trade union, such as global framework agreements, or between multiple organisations at a sectoral level.

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