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RBC intelligence

We provide our clients with intelligence on the landscape of responsible business conduct legislation, policy, litigation and high-risk issues and trends. We ensure that our clients are aware of existing and forthcoming regulatory requirements and how to respond to emerging critical risks.

Our intelligence provides boards and leadership teams with clear analysis on the requirements, implications and game changers in the regulatory landscape, helping them to see what is coming down the tracks and understand what these shifts mean for them and their industry.

Our briefs are used by clients to determine their next steps on due diligence, prepare for forthcoming legislation, reduce their own risks of non-compliance and litigation, and develop robust due diligence programmes based on expert consideration and analysis.

In-focus: legislation, policy, high-risk issues and trends

Our In-focus series of briefs provides in-depth analysis on breaking legislation, policy and key high-risk issues and trends.

Legislation & policy – We provide a deep dive into new policies. We highlight what new requirements will mean in practice, the game changers and underlying implications, and what is likely to shift as a result of the legislation.

High-risk issues and trends – We provide deep analysis on high-risk issues that require specific and targeted action from companies. We highlight how companies should respond, how sectors are currently responding, and the trip hazards that companies need to avoid if they want to ensure that their approach is robust and proportionate to the risk.

Responsible business conduct database: legislation, policy and litigation

Our database tracks and monitors existing, new and forthcoming responsible business conduct legislation, policy and litigation across key markets including the EU, US and UK. It contains additional analysis and insight provided by our team of policy analysts and experts on the direction of travel and critical precedents.

It is an indispensable tool for legal, supply chain, human rights and sustainability teams. Reports can be tailored according to client needs. 

What’s in the final text of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

The final text of the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) was released ... read more

Canadian questionnaire and guidance on the Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act

On 20 December, the Canadian government published the online questionnaire and guidance for ... read more

Update: James Finlay case paused 

A Scottish court published a decision that pauses the case against James Finlay in Scotland, ... read more

Australian NCP found that mining company divested irresponsibly from Myanmar

The Australian National Contact Point (NCP) issued a final report finding that an Australian ... read more

USMCA remediation package finalised for garment factory in Mexico

The US and Mexican governments have agreed on a package of remediation in relation to the ... read more

Gender-based violence and harassment emerges as key risk

Significant litigation addressing gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in overseas ... read more

Alleged use of prison labour in Cambodia in the manufacture of garment and textile goods meant for export to US

Following an inter-agency investigation, Cambodia’s ambassador to the US is reportedly set to ... read more

New investigation into deforestation in the Amazon with supply chain linkages to EU brands

In June, journalists and media outlets published the results of a collaborative investigation ... read more

First garment sector case filed in Mexico under the USMCA

Trade unions in Mexico filed the first case against a garment factory through the US-Mexico ... read more

PETA filed case in US against Textile Exchange alleging false claims on animal welfare standards

On 12 May, NGO People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a greenwashing case with ... read more

ClientEarth filed OECD NCP case against Cargill over deforestation links to its supply chain in Brazil

On 4 May ClientEarth filed a case against Cargill with the US National Contact Point (NCP) ... read more

Ruling in the legal case against G-Star Raw on purchasing practices has broader implications

On 22 March, a Dutch Court found G-Star Raw (G-Star) liable for damages after cancelling ... read more

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