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Helping clients to navigate the new due diligence landscape

Our clients operate in an increasingly regulated and litigated environment for responsible business conduct, including for their international supply chains. Companies need to shift from ‘corporate social responsibility’ to risk-based responsible business conduct due diligence in order to meet these rapidly growing legal expectations.

We ensure that our clients are aware of what they need to know and what they need to do.


RBC intelligence

We help our clients keep pace with the new legislative landscape in human rights and environment, tracking new and forthcoming regulation, monitoring precedent-setting litigation, and how to respond to emerging critical risks.


Legislation preparedness

We prepare our clients for mandatory due diligence legislation. We assess their current approach to due diligence against OECD due diligence guidance and legislative requirements.


RBC risk assessment

New and forthcoming legislation require companies to assess the human and labour rights and environmental risks across their operations and full value chain. We design and implement this process for clients.


High-risk contexts

Sectors with high-risk issues and severe human rights impacts require a specialist and tailored approach to due diligence. We advise clients on enhanced responsible due diligence in these contexts.


We mediate between companies, stakeholders and governments to reach agreements on enhanced due diligence expectations and high-risk issues. We specialise in crisis contexts, supply chain cases and new sectoral agreements.

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